1sets I MAGIC EMS-4000 B01 for laser light with PSU and cable

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Our EMS-4000 Infinity scanners support from 3mm up to 10mm apertures. They have been designed from scratch as laser scanning devices and they are not just DC motors with feedback.

Size at aperature:3.8mm, 40kpps

Their unique design has the following advantages : Ultra efficient motor produces up to 10 times less heat (yes, that is 1000 % more efficient !) than competitive designs making the scanner virtually indestructible from overload. We are proud to say that more than 98% of our scanners sold over almost a decade, are still in operation.
Unique monolithic differential position sensor has very high linearity and the lowest drift of any commercially available scanner.
Ability to move oversized mirrors with minor drop in performance Position sensor amplifier is built-into the scanner so a standard flat cable is enough to connect the scanners to the servo drivers. This gives the customer the flexibility to make his own length of cable if needed.
Unique inside-out ball bearing preload and highest quality ball bearings offer years of trouble-free operation.
All our scanners use shaft mounted (except 10mm aperture) multilayer broadband dielectric mirrors (>99% over the visible range)

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